Steps to Membership

1. Expression of Interest

The best way to get a clear understanding of the benefits and obligations of membership is to attend one of our meetings, held twice a year in changing international locations. After participating in one of these events, companies can decide whether they wish to be considered for membership. Fill out the form to express your interest in joining us at our next meeting.

2. Associate Membership

Associate membership gives companies the opportunity to experience some of the benefits of IPN membership while seeing for themselves the huge benefits that can be derived from Full Membership. During this period, Associate Members can participate in all of the meetings and IPN educational programmes, as well as starting to build up international business.

3. Full Membership

Full membership welcomes you to the world of full IPN benefits and advantages. It is by invitation only once you have been an Associate Member for at least 12 months and we have had the opportunity to build a good working relationship with you.

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