27 years of Global Reach

In 2020 it is exactly 27 years since the IPN first started its activities as a network for entrepreneurs in the printing and graphic arts industry. This has been a period of fundamental change for everyone and the network now is very different from when it first started. Today the IPN still covers the customer journey but also includes all digital means of communication.

The IPN is a unique network that has achieved its global reach whilst still maintaining a size that facilitates the building of true personal relationships. This leads to an environment where the exchange of real life experience, knowledge and innovation between entrepreneurs can be achieved based on mutual trust in a non competitive environment.

The IPN is a peer-2-peer network of entrepreneurs. Membership is vested in C-level executives, often the owners themselves, who then regularly attend IPN meetings to exchange knowledge, experience and innovations and to develop mutual business. All this is done based on relationships that are built over multiple IPN events.

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