The Business Partner Concept

The objective was to develop a process that encouraged a closer relationship with vendors to the mutual benefit of the vendors and members alike.


The basic idea has been to build on our “success formula” developed over the last 26 years and to offer this to our valued suppliers who recognise the potential and who are willing to regularly participate in IPN meetings.

The fundamentals of the Business Partner Package are therefore :

• C-level participation from the vendors

• A dedicated person or team who will attend regularly, so that relationships can develop

• A multi-year commitment, necessary for building trusted relationships and really understanding each other’s businesses and drivers for success.

Added value

Added to these fundamentals has been an analysis of the value that the IPN is able to offer to its Business Partners:

• Brand Awareness

Being present at IPN meetings promotes brand awareness and helps to build a positive association with it for IPN members.

• Relationships

Having a dedicated person or team at multiple IPN events helps build up a true relationship with the IPN executives present.  Furthermore, the special atmosphere that characterises the IPN in terms of personal and intimate meetings creates the right conditions to achieve this.

• Streetwise Knowledge and Experience

The IPN members present at meetings offer extensive global experience.  Day in day out they have to deliver added value to their customers working with your hardware and software or that of your competitors.  We provide you as a business partner the opportunity to tap into this worldwide view of streetwise experience (worldwide x streetwise = worldwise!).

• Sales

Although it is not the prime focus of attending our meetings it offers you the possibility to build the basis on which deals are made. Our members are in need of best in class hardware, software and knowledge to support and increase their businesses.

• Efficiency

We gather all these C-level executives for you!  You only have to bring your people to the table. How efficient can that be!

• Marketing

As a Business Partner you are allowed to associate yourself with the IPN. So the meetings, its business success stories, awards and other results (not forgetting deals made with IPN members) are all moments that can be used for marketing and communication purposes.

Value elements

Based on this analysis the IPN has developed 3 Packages containing multiple “value elements”. Some of these elements are exclusive for Business Partners and / or better priced as part of a package. In addition to the Business Partner Package additional value elements can also be added.


Value elements in the packages

• Access to meetings

Access to one IPN General Meeting and one IPN Technical Meeting per year. The programming for both meetings differs slightly, although some overlap in topics may occur. During the General Meeting a broad range of topics will be covered, ranging from strategy, management, business models, trends in technology and personal development. A small part of the General Meetings will remain exclusive for IPN members themselves, but the main body of the program is done in the presence of Business Partners. The Technical Meeting, as its name already implies, focuses on technology related topics.

• Influence on the program content

The central themes and topics for meetings will be set 6-18 months in advance.  Through the XLA (eXpectance Level Agreement) with each Business Partner a broad outline will be written down, that will provide guidance for the long term programming of content. In this way a Business Partner can influence part of the program content.

• Exposure

The exposure during the IPN General Meeting and IPN Technical meeting is considerable. Of course the logo of all Business Partners will be included on all event related communications before, during and after the meetings for branding purposes.But the most important exposure is that the Business Partners are really an integral part of our meetings, providing excellent opportunities to have direct one-on-one communications with C-level executives, often the owners and decision makers of our IPN member companies. Before, during and in-between meetings there are ample opportunities to have in depth exchanges with our IPN members. Furthermore, joining us during the evening and social events at the often unique parts of the world at which these events are held creates even stronger relationships.

• Demo / pitch

Our Business Partners get the opportunity of presenting a short sales demo or pitch, directly related to the sales of their software, hardware and/or knowledge.

• Knowledge session

The Business Partner can be provided with an agenda slot in order to contribute in terms of knowledge, experience and vision to the overall theme of that specific meeting. Through the previously mentioned XLA we will coordinate and realise a relevant contribution for members as well as Business Partners.

• Association with the IPN brand

The Business Partner may associate itself with the IPN brand for marketing purposes. Joint use cases, blogs, press releases, etc are all possible.

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